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  • Codeschool and Angular.js

    I took advantage of the long weekend to go through CodeSchool’s Shaping up with Angular.js free course. I have to say it was very well done. They very quickly get the major themes across in the video and then you apply the stuff in your browser where you can see how it actually affects the […]

  • Angular.js first go

    We had some workshops over the last couple of days at work on an intro to Angular.js. I have to say I came away from them pretty impressed with the framework. I can see why it is taking the development world by storm. I think the controllers make it very relate able for anyone coming […]

  • AT&T Uverse vs TimeWarner Cable

    I have had it with AT&T Uverse! We have been having some internet issues lately. We have been AT&T Uverse customers since 2008. I started out with 6mbit service then upgraded to 12mbit and then to 18mbit (upstream is only 1.5 mbit.) When we first got it installed it was very cheap but as the […]

  • WordPress auto updates

    I am always a little amazed when I get an email from my blog that tells me it upgraded software versions. Even though I have had auto-updating operating systems and other software for years, something about a website updating itself just seems like a bigger deal. I am sure most people think like whatever, but […]

  • Google page ranking favors responsive websites

    Google has changed their algorithm to favor sites that are more mobile friendly if the user is coming from a mobile device. So of course wanting my blog to show up in search results I ran google’s tests on it. The first one they have is Mobile-Friendly. I ran that and am happy to report […]

  • The nuclear option

    I have been using open source software now for about 20 years. One of the things that I always saw discussed back in the day was if you don’t like the way a project is being run you can always fork it and do things differently. In all my years I have never actually felt […]

  • Free book on SEO

    I came across this book: SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization Anyway it is free I think through tomorrow on kindle, so if you want to learn some more about SEO strategies this seems like a good way to do it for free. I downloaded it, but haven’t had […]

  • Cassandra Data Modeling

    I ended up having to miss the JHipster webinar last week as I was invited by my company to attend the Datastax DS220: Data Modeling with Datastax Enterprise class on Monday and Tuesday. The company came out and taught the class onsite. The instructor was Andrew Lenards and he did a great job. I have […]

  • Cobertura is gone and Clover is here

    I have spent most of this week working on integrating Clover into our environment and ripping out Cobertura. I ran into a couple of issues along the way, but we are up and running now. First one thing I dislike about Clover is by default they will mess with the maven artifacts that you may […]

  • TLS in HTTP/2

    I came across this blog post on Hacker News this morning. I thought it was a great blog post so I figured I would share it. Here there is a group of people that were trying to weaken the HTTP2 standard by not requiring TLS encryption in the standard as originally proposed and Google and […]