Angular.js first go

We had some workshops over the last couple of days at work on an intro to Angular.js. I have to say I came away from them pretty impressed with the framework. I can see why it is taking the development world by storm. I think the controllers make it very relate able for anyone coming […]

WordPress auto updates

I am always a little amazed when I get an email from my blog that tells me it upgraded software versions. Even though I have had auto-updating operating systems and other software for years, something about a website updating itself just seems like a bigger deal. I am sure most people think like whatever, but […]

Free book on SEO

I came across this book: SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization Anyway it is free I think through tomorrow on kindle, so if you want to learn some more about SEO strategies this seems like a good way to do it for free. I downloaded it, but haven’t had […]

Cassandra Data Modeling

I ended up having to miss the JHipster webinar last week as I was invited by my company to attend the Datastax DS220: Data Modeling with Datastax Enterprise class on Monday and Tuesday. The company came out and taught the class onsite. The instructor was Andrew Lenards and he did a great job. I have […]


I came across this blog post on Hacker News this morning. I thought it was a great blog post so I figured I would share it. Here there is a group of people that were trying to weaken the HTTP2 standard by not requiring TLS encryption in the standard as originally proposed and Google and […]