Codeschool and Angular.js

I took advantage of the long weekend to go through CodeSchool’s Shaping up with Angular.js free course. I have to say it was very well done. They very quickly get the major themes across in the video and then you apply the stuff in your browser where you can see how it actually affects the page in the preview page. Anyone who has worked on the knockout.js tutorial will recognize this style of learning. Having taken the class on CodeSchool I now feel like I know enough to actually start using Angular so I would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to get started with Angular. I remember that first aha moment I had when learning knockout, where it was just sort of mind blowing how much more productive you could be in that framework than just using jQuery. And I had the same sort of thing with Angular, I can see why I would prefer to use Angular over knockout as well as it seems to take the great things that knockout does and take it up to the next level. To get someone who isn’t a super front end person interested in a front end technology is an impressive feat so well done Angular.