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  • Themes for 2016

    As my holiday vacation winds down I decided it is time to figure out what my themes are going to be for 2016. Last year I did a fairly good job at hitting the themes I laid out for the year, so I Am curious to see how it will turn out this year. The […]

  • Recap for 2015

    At the start of the year I posted my Themes for 2015. I decided now is a good time to look at what I was thinking at the start of the year and see how my year turned out. I think it is sort of pointless to set out some ideas of things you want […]

  • Ask and you shall receive Swift edition

    I had mentioned previously that I wanted to learn Swift over thanksgiving. I ended up taking the Objective C course instead at code school as I didn’t see an option for Swift and I find code school a fun way to get an intro to something. Lo and behold this week I got an email […]

  • Twitter Cards

    I noticed that a bunch of people when they post to Twitter have much cooler looking posts than what the Jetpack plugin seemed to be doing for me on my blog. Over Thanksgiving I was looking into this a bit and discovered Twitter Cards. I am probably the last person on the internet finding out […]

  • Objective C

    Over Thanksgiving vacation I was thinking I should maybe play around with Swift and maybe try to create a basic iPhone app just to see what the programming model was like. I headed over to Code School to see if they had a free course I could play around with. Unfortunately they didn’t, but I […]

  • Blogoversary – the 1 year anniversary of my blog

    I hit the one year mark of my blog while I was on thanksgiving break. I had intended to post on the day of the event, but I was busy with family in Minnesota and never got around to it. Back when I started this my intention was to try to write something about once […]

  • Cassandra Days in Dallas 2015

    I may have mentioned this before, but I love going to software conferences. When I got the email mentioning that Cassandra Days was coming to Dallas with a free 1 day conference on all things Cassandra, I signed up immediately. The event was sponsored by Datastax who sells a commercial version of Cassandra called Datastax […]

  • New computers

    I have been thinking for a while that a MacBook Pro looked like the ideal Java development machine. That being said I didn’t really want to drop $2500 to actually confirm my idea. I had suggested it at work, but corporate policy had us on Dell machines. Anyway last week I mentioned that I think […]

  • Kegs & code

    I attended the kegs & code last night. It was a code challenge and party with cash prizes that was hosted by Saltt Ventures. I had never attended a code challenge or hack-a-thon or anything like that, but I figured it is good to get out of your comfort zone every now and then and […]

  • Duolingo

    I saw some friends on Facebook discussing Duolingo. While I had briefly heard of it I had never paid attention to it. So I decided to log on and check it out. It is pretty cool, as an intermediate level Spanish speaker I wanted to see how I did on their placement test and what […]