Blogoversary – the 1 year anniversary of my blog

I hit the one year mark of my blog while I was on thanksgiving break. I had intended to post on the day of the event, but I was busy with family in Minnesota and never got around to it. Back when I started this my intention was to try to write something about once a week. While I haven’t been completely successful with that when life intervenes and keeps me busy, I do see that I have exactly 52 posts so I at least averaged it over the year. All in all I would say this has been a successful venture for me. I learned a lot playing with some SEO things and seeing how things would show up in search engines from here. I was also able to learn a ton about SSL configuration of the site. On that note I have considered actually dropping TLS 1.0 support. While that would drop a bunch of old browsers I think consensus is that is the next protocol to fall since SSL 3 has pretty much been declared as insecure. Probably if I was a busy people would say not to do that since you want to be accessible to the maximum number of users, but since I maybe have 3 readers who are all technology people they would see no impact and it would allow me to crank the security down to the next level.

For the second year of my blog I expect things to be the same, I am hoping to get another 52 posts knocked out and hopefully have at least 2 – 3 posts go out a month. In any event I am a little surprised I stuck with it as I wasn’t sure if I would bore of it and drop it, but I have enjoyed playing around with it, so here is to year 2.