Twitter Cards

I noticed that a bunch of people when they post to Twitter have much cooler looking posts than what the Jetpack plugin seemed to be doing for me on my blog. Over Thanksgiving I was looking into this a bit and discovered Twitter Cards. I am probably the last person on the internet finding out about them, but I hadn’t really paid that much attention to it previously. I decided maybe I should create a plugin to add them to the blog. But this being WordPress I did a search first and it looks like there is already a great one out there. This post is just me testing it out and seeing how it works. I often see people say that a great way to develop a little side income is to create a WordPress plugin and sell it. I actually wonder how people do that because it seems like every time I need some sort of plugin to add functionality to the blog I can find an amazing free plugin that does it for me. Anyway hopefully this test post works and I get a Twitter Card for it.