Google page ranking favors responsive websites

Google has changed their algorithm to favor sites that are more mobile friendly if the user is coming from a mobile device. So of course wanting my blog to show up in search results I ran google’s tests on it. The first one they have is Mobile-Friendly. I ran that and am happy to report that WordPress automatically took care of that for me. The other tool that you should run against your site is Google Pagespeed. When I ran that it actually had a list of a few things that I should fix to make my page faster. Some of them I wasn’t quite sure if I can change inside of WordPress easily but one that it highlighted was that I didn’t have GZip compression enabled for my site. They also give instructions on how to fix the issue. So now because of Pagespeed my site will now compress files it sends across. Anyway wanted to mention them both as they both seemed pretty useful to me.