Angular.js first go

We had some workshops over the last couple of days at work on an intro to Angular.js. I have to say I came away from them pretty impressed with the framework. I can see why it is taking the development world by storm.

I think the controllers make it very relate able for anyone coming from the Java world as it is like dealing with Spring or Struts at that point. The way you do URL parameters in your $routeparams is just like doing any sort of rest URL parameters.

All in all after my first look at the framework I am interested in playing around with it some more. I am also happy as it is a step forward on one of my 2015 themes. Now to find some small project where I can try to incorporate what I have learned. I may also try to run through the online tutorial as well now, I feel like having messed around with it for 3 or 4 hours I should be able to knock out the tutorial pretty quickly.