Month: January 2015

  • Getting crushed by SonarQube

    I have been upgrading our Sonar server from 4.5 to 4.5.2 and restructuring our project. I initially was planning on upgrading to SonarQube 5.0, but the upgrade process can’t seem to handle our database. After I upgraded to 4.5.2, I was restructuring. Initially we had each of our libraries setup as a separate project at […]

  • Code Coverage

    In my current position one of the metrics we track is code coverage for our unit tests. When I started at the company we were using JUnit with Mockito and JaCoCo. This was a pretty good setup we got good coverage reports and Mockito makes the testing writing much easier. One of the limitations of […]

  • Calling all Dr Who fans

    For all the other Dr Who fans that might come across this I am taking a Massively Open Online Course about the show that starts in a week. If you are interesting in the show you should join me. You can sign up here. A link to the Facebook page is here.

  • Themes for 2015

    As my Christmas vacation draws to a close I am starting to think of themes for 2015. Why themes and not goals or resolutions? Well I think resolutions are sort of setting yourself up for failure and goals are very rigid so I am going with more general themes. Obviously the first theme I am […]