Lent and Easter fasting recap

As we are at the end of the Easter Octive I realized that I have been remiss to give an update on how the intermittent fasting went for Lent. From Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday I only ate between the hours of 6pm and 10pm.

Overall I found that after a day or 2 your body adapts and you don’t really get hungry during the day. The exception to this was Saturdays. Since Catholic’s can’t eat meat on Friday’s during lent the food that I consumed did not keep me as full. Additionally I have more time on Saturdays and I think there is a natural habit to munch sometimes when bored or just hanging around the house.

While I found the practice not too difficult by Holy Week I was ready to go back to normal because 5 or 6 weeks of that was enough for me. One of the interesting things that I did discover is that I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted in that period, high carb, low carb, fat, protein, whatever and maintain my weight. The trend for my weight overall doing that was slightly down but at a much slower pace than when I was doing the slow carb diet.

So the question now is what to do going forward. I think now that my Easter Feast week is over I am going to go back to slow carb tomorrow. This week probably won’t be a great week for it given that it is barrel week at my favorite bar so there is going to be plenty of beer consumed which doesn’t fit the diet, but I will do the diet the rest of the time. Since January 9th when I began focusing on my diet I have lost 30 pounds so I have another 21 pounds to go to reach my goal weight that I am hoping to hit by my birthday in July.

As for this blog I have been severely neglecting it this spring due to just being busy in general with work and family life and then not feeling I have the energy to put in a decent post. I am starting to kick around a couple of ideas for more technical posts again. And hope to come up with at least one nice tech deep dive in the next month or 2.