Iron-Clad Java

I am currently reading Iron-Clad Java: Building Secure Web Applications by Jim Manico and August Detlefsen. This book basically takes you from zero to doing a decent job of locking down your webapp. It starts with security basics and then covers authentication and session management, and then access control, followed by Cross-Site Scripting Defense, then Cross-Site Request Forgery Defense, and much more. I am only a couple of chapters into the book so far. What I like about it is that they include security anti-patterns as well. These are things that you commonly see people doing in the name of security, but really aren’t the way you want to go about locking down your app. Having been through a professional security audit on a project I worked on and having fixed many of these potential attacks in my career it is nice to see this all laid out in one place for newer developers. At the same time the detail is so good that even experienced web devs should probably read this book and keep it as a reference. If you have gone through the OWASP stuff there won’t be a lot of new stuff here from what I have seen, but I feel like they have made the material very accessible. Anyway long story short I recommend this book and after reading it, one really appreciates all the stuff Spring Security does for you out of the box.