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  • IntelliJ Idea Bug in 2016.1.2

    I hit a bug in Idea 2016.1.2 that I wanted to share in case anyone else is hitting the same issue. I was trying to stand up a new Spring Boot project last week and when I what try to launch the app through the IDE the embedded tomcat server would throw an exception. org.springframework.context.ApplicationContextException: […]

  • The Jetbrains fiasco

    This is sort of old news now, but I haven’t had a chance to weigh in yet so I figured I would type my thoughts up anyway. On September 3rd Jetbrains announced a new licensing model. As you can imagine people immediately went crazy on twitter and 15 years of developer goodwill went up in […]

  • Intellij Navigation Features

    I came across this blog post today which is the best thing I have read. Basically it is just a short cut list for the best different navigation features in IntelliJ. I didn’t know most of these and they are huge time savers so I wanted to share in case people missed the original post […]