Month: February 2017

  • More fasting benefits

    I came across another article on hackernews about the benefits of fasting. It seems that as more and more time goes by the evidence grows that intermittent fasting has enormous health benefits. This story is even more amazing from the diabetic standpoint and the regenerating your pancreas. Then my coworker sent me this video which […]

  • Jackson Bug Update

    Well that was fast. I didn’t expect the day after the post to have an update but here it is. One thing I love about open source it is possible to find answers quickly. So it turns out that this is not in fact a bug. Apparently Jackson 2 aims for a Java 6 compatibility […]

  • Bug in Jackson JSON serialization of Immutable objects

    The bug I have been using Jackson for JSON processing for many years now. It is a great framework and mostly just works. It is the default framework in Spring Boot and mostly it just sits behind the scenes and drives most micro services in Java these days. That is why I was surprised when […]

  • Why starting a blog will change your life

    Introduction I came across this post on linked in and it was too good to not share. The author highlights all the benefits of starting a blog. The key thing he mentions is that you accrue all these benefits even if no one reads your blog. I have found all of this to be true […]

  • Slow Carb Diet and Book Review

    Shortly after Epiphany I started doing the slow carb diet as outlined in the Tim Ferriss book The four Hour body. Basically slow carb is a high protein low carb diet. It seems friendly to fat in general, but I would say not as fat friendly as Paleo is. In the past I did paleo […]

  • TIL: default hashCode() in Java

    I came across this blog post today which I thought was really good. It is a deep dive into the default hashCode() implementation in java. To me the most amazing outcome of the piece is that if a given class is going to be accessed by multiple threads you really need to override hashCode otherwise […]

  • Sorry for the lack of updates

    Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been busy working on a game changing micro service for our business. It has been a blast but a couple of crazy sprints. I hope to get back to more writing in the near future.