MacOS Sierra massive slowdown in Java networking

I upgraded to MacOS Sierra, and have really been enjoying the shared clipboard. I haven’t really noticed any other new features that impact my day to day development, however I would advise Java developers to avoid it for the near future. I have searched and searched and I wasn’t coming up with any results. Then I found this blog post. This is definitely part of the problem. I made the host file changes and got a slight boost, but not enough to explain the whole thing.

First our original application is a monolithic Spring 4.2 app running in Tomcat. On my MacBook Pro it was taking 21-25 seconds to launch. After going to Sierra it started taking 75 seconds. Once I did the host file fix in the blog post above it started launching in 59 seconds. Still much worse than before.

Another Spring Boot micro service we have that does a lot of external api calls and also communicates through Amazon SQS would previously launch in 11 seconds on my laptop and now takes 141 seconds (150 prior to the fix outlined above). Even worse the messages to and from SQS and the third party API’s are painfully slow, sometimes taking 30 seconds or more to go through when previously they were almost instantaneous.

I am still searching for a fix for the issue, but it is practically unusable. I am debating if I am going to roll back to El Capitan, but at this point I would recommend people hold off on upgrading until there is a good understanding of what the slowdown is and how to fix it. Java itself when not hitting the network seems as fast as ever.

An appeal for help

Normally I only post about technical things on this site, but today I am going to talk about some friends. When I first started out at the University of Minnesota I lived in Territorial Hall. Down the hall from my lived a couple of people I became Friends with Jason and Jill. We became friends along with many others in a large group and it made for some amazing memories of my college years.

Jason and Jill were married in 2010 and they have 2 children a 2 year old daughter and an 8 month old son. On September 11, 2016 Jason tragically passed away from a heart attack, just a few weeks after his 40th birthday leaving behind his very young family. There has been a nice page on facebook setup in memory of Jason that you can check out.

I have been very blessed in my life and I would like ask that if you too are fortunate enough to a couple of extra dollars in your pocket that you would consider sending a little bit of help over here to help out a grieving window and friend of mine in her darkest hour. I am extremely grateful for any help people can provide.