Month: April 2016

  • Internet of Things coding workshop

    The Event On Thursday afternoon I attended a free Internet of Things Coding Workshop put on by AT&T and Texas Instruments at AT&T’s M2M/CD Foundry in Plano, TX. While this type of programming isn’t really relevant to what I do in my day job I am interested in the topic so I asked by boss […]

  • The downside of automatic updates

    I have sort of taken for granted how easy all the updates are for a WordPress site. If there is a security update WordPress just goes up and updates itself without me doing anything and the plugin community is so active there are frequent updates to all of the plugins I used. Because it always […]

  • Gotta love open source and github

    The Problem I have been working on this project to make our app run in any Java Container. Currently we run in JBoss, but ideally I would like the app to work in JBoss or Tomcat, or TomEE or Wildfly. One of the challenges in making this change is to remove JBoss specific dependencies from […]

  • SSL Certificates and Google Domains

    Recently I ported my domain hosting from Godaddy to Google Domains. My main reason for doing so was to save money. Domain names on Godaddy cost $3 more per year, plus they charge you for privacy on whois searches whereas Google includes that for free. It was a fairly easy process to transfer my domain […]